APU Investments, LLC- in which "APU" are acronyms that stands for About Profit United. We are a private small open-end investment corporation that specializes in investments, finance, personal taxes, business taxes, marketing, promotions, business start-ups, real property, and more worldwide. APU Investments, LLC was founded in 2008 in Houston, Texas by Johnnie B. Davis who believes that the unity of like minds combine can create revenues worldwide. Our mission  is to obtain wealth through long and short term investments with a diverse portfolio for our investors to acquire revenues with the help of our knowledgeable conglomerate elite faction. Here at APU Investments, LLC we strive for perfection and to provide quality business services for a reasonable fee. We believe in professionalism, integrity, and the principles of time.



Johnnie B. Davis
Antynesha Minor
 HR Department Manager
Yazmine Jordan
Marketing & Promotions Manager