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Business Start Up 1 on 1!

Starting a business can be a great future investment for anyone that has a vision. But, before pursuing first you must evaluate the initial start up process.

Where Do I Start ! The Best place to start is with realistic measures. One, what am I good at and what do i enjoy during on a level of 1 -10. Anything 7 and above can be more accurate on starting your business in that field along with skills.

Two, make sure you paperwork is in order and on point before you start anything like websites, blogs, social media pages, and branding. You don't want to have to work backwards by spending a lot of time and money on mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Three, make sure you have enough backing and help in within the first two years. The number one rule in business is to try to start up a business with other's money first. True, if you can but don't forget the most important rule which is hardly ever talked about. Never Run Out Of Money or Capital!! Most business have a nice setup but never stood to last with long jeverdy due to the lack of fund to weather the storm. To start up a small business is a great thing that must be well overview before making the move first.

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